This is Me.

I saw these cool questions in my new bphope magazine and thought I’d share them with you, my followers:

Nickname: Lemon drop. (Don’t ask lol.)

Favorite Documentary: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

On top of my playlist: Jhene Aiko.

Most unusual talent: Color Coordinating.

To destress I like to: Pray. Listen to music. Adult Coloring.

Best Guilty Pleasure: Coffee. I can’t start my day without it.

Biggest Adventure I’ve had: Whenever I am really manic. I feel like I can fly.

My Hero Is: Michelle Obama.

I’m grateful for: Everything (at the moment).

My best coping strategy: Encouraging others.

My best resource: The Bible.

Greatest lesson I’ve learned: Its okay to not be okay.

Proudest Achievement: 3.5 GPA. Fighting Bipolar I.

What message would you put on a billboard: “Sagittarius rule the world!!”

Favorite Memory: My 1st trip to Chicago for my husband’s family reunion.

Friends would describe me as: Honest. Mean. Passionate.

Current state of mind: Chill.

Location: Over the rainbow.

Occupation: Blogger.

Age: 38. I am not old.

Diagnosis: Bipolar I.

Year Diagnosed: 2013.

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