Stonehearst Asylum (Netflix)

Lol. I was doing a search on netflix mental illness movies as ran across this one. I guess I will label it suspense comedy?? Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s: Short Story Stonehearst Asylum about a recent medical school graduate brought in for clinical studies to offer hope and compassion to its residents. Dr. Newgate had good intentions but the longer he observes, the more secrets he uncovers. The movie is set in the late 1800s. Starring Kate Beckingsale from (The Underworld Series.) While the movie was funny to laugh at it, the story wasn’t too far from the truth of how the mentally ill and indifferent were treated in the 1800s. Disabled, homosexual, elderly etc. No one was exempt in those days. I don’t want to give too much away. But, if you can watch it until the end it will completely throw you off. Trust me. You will not see the climax coming!! I would recommend it if you are in the mood for some bipolar entertainment..

Hint hint: Think = Shutter Island..

However, it did have some interesting quotes:

“Death cannot be prevented any more than madness cured.”

“Of all the afflictions I think of none more cruel than madness. It robs a man of his reason, his dignity, his very soul. And it does so, so slowly, without the remorse of death.”

Author: Mentally Speaking

Heyy. I'm Kita B. 39. Sagittarius. That probably sums it up lol. I am here to entertain and educate others on Mental Illness through movies I've seen and books I've read. I was diagnosed Bipolar I in 2013. I have a passion for Mental Health. Thanks for checking me out!!

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